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Andrew Solter

Andrew moved up from LA, where he and his wife grew up, in ‘07 to attend college. He graduated from UC Berkeley. A clan of chihuahuas, a couple kids later, and the time since working as a teacher and math/science tutor, Andrew learned that he loves working in education. For fun, he chases his children to parts unknown, gardens, and raises far too many fish and plants. (See: pandemic).

"One of my strongest assets is my ability to tailor lessons to individuals and use multiple modes of instruction to best fit the style of each learner. I strongly believe that confidence is a key to success so I provide my students with the tools they need to feel prepared and create an environment that fosters exploration and growth. I am passionate about eliminating the barriers around math and making math fun, accessible and relative. I have demonstrated immense success in building strong relationships and trust with my students and have an excellent ability to connect with students, create a common ground, and keep learning fun and engaging."