Lower School (K-5)

Second Grade

Veronica Simms

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  • Second Grade Overview

    Teaching has always been a passion of mine. Children’s curious nature, insight, and excitement for learning have continued to inspire me every day. Using multiple approaches to teaching ensures that every student in my class will learn successfully. The small class sizes at The Academy allow me to meet the needs of and create a meaningful relationship with each of my students. My students are engaged, challenged, and are learning something new every day. Building a kind atmosphere and caring community in my classroom is just as important as providing strong academics in my classroom. Patience, compassion, kindness, and respect are paramount in my classroom. Every day I look forward to being part of such an amazing community of teachers, students, and families. Working at The Academy is every teacher’s dream come true! 

Core Subjects

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  • Language Arts


    Students in second grade will continue to develop their literacy skills as they learn more complex vocabulary and read the more rigorous text in a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, biographies, fantasy, and poetry. Students will become more independent, fluent, and thoughtful readers. They will expand their reading comprehension skills as they discuss and write about themes and understandings in the stories we read. Students will also have an opportunity to present monthly reading projects focusing on different skills and genres. 


    Students in second grade will become more experienced writers by writing more detailed, lengthy, and varied pieces. Students will write opinion, narrative, and informative pieces. They will also write creative stories, poetry, and a biography report. Second graders will take part in and become familiar with the writing process through brainstorming, drafting, editing, publishing, and sharing. We will spend significant time emphasizing the concept of story structure. Daily editing exercises, spelling, and grammar lessons will help reinforce and contribute to their writing skills.

  • Mathematics


    Second grade students will develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and improve their problem-solving skills. Students will also focus on learning vocabulary and developing a variety of creative and practical strategies for problem solving. Students will continue to develop a deeper understanding of and skills with place value, addition and subtraction, geometry and measurement, time, money, fractions, probability, and multiplication and division concepts. Second Graders will learn to think like mathematicians and apply mathematics to real world problems.
  • Social Studies

    Students will explore an exciting and diverse world, including cultures from America and around the world. Students will learn about different communities, geography, history, government, and economics. Students will learn to connect ideas and lessons we learn in class to our world today. Weekly current events projects will provide students with an opportunity to not only improve their public speaking skills, but also to be informed and develop a deeper understanding of the news events happening around the world today.

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