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Phoebe Buguey

Science Director - Lower School Science Teacher
Phoebe Buguey grew up in a small town of approximately three hundred people, and even though her family had very little, they always cultivated in her a deep love of stories, learning, and nature. As a proud first-generation college graduate, she appreciates the power of a great education and is grateful for the opportunities that allowed her to become an expert on a Panamanian species of grasshopper--Taeniopoda reticulta. While supporting her research with teaching assistantships, she found her true life’s passion in fostering scientific curiosity.

For the last fifteen years, she has been fortunate to teach a variety of math and science courses in public and private schools in the Bay Area. She has a clear credential in Biology and Chemistry, a Master’s degree focused on cultivating independent learners, and the great privilege of being department lead in several schools she has served. Facilitating confident and effective investigation is the cornerstone of her practice, and she looks forward to helping students develop essential skills by balancing rigor with joy for exploration and discovery. When outside the classroom, she happily promotes the adoption of rescue dogs; potters about in her bonsai garden; cherishes her beloved family—including her mother, spouse, and grumpy pug-huahua Gilly; and enthusiastically debates the merits of various video games, books, and shows/movies (particularly anime).