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Dr. Jane Gregory

Dr. Jane Gregory grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and discovered her love of language and literature at an early age, thanks to a few excellent teachers and a number of great used bookstores. She received her BA in English from Vassar College, an MFA in Creative Writing from The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and a PhD in English Literature from UC Berkeley. She has taught literature and creative writing in many places and to many age groups—from 8th graders in Brooklyn to graduate students in the Bay. Jane is delighted to join the community of learners at The Academy. Middle school is a crucial time in which students become recognizable to themselves as the people they will remain throughout their lives, so it is a gift to be able to share literature with them in which they might feel recognized as well, and to support students as they develop critical thinking and communication skills that will serve them well no matter the paths they chose beyond The Academy. In addition to her work as an educator, Jane is co-founder and co-editor of a small press, and she’s a practicing poet who has published two books. In her free time she plans to acquire more free time and begin weaving and climbing.